Unfailing Skill, Reliability and Passion

Established in Milan in 1968, the nomadic story of this brand started in 1898 in Mashad, Persia, with the trading and manufacturing of carpets that Eliahu, Elia, Nathan, and Benjamin inherited from their great grandfather Hajizadeh Golran, handed down by their fathers, Nemat and Ruben. 

Since 2000, these traditional and contemporary rugs have been handmade in Nepal. With masterful skill, passion for tradition, and innovative influences, Golran’s collections demonstrate the creative artisanal process taught by great master knotters in Persia, Turkey, and India.

With unfailing skill, reliability and passion, the company identity is shaped by the desire to keep past skills alive and a feel for innovation, channelled by meticulous attention to the creative artisan processes and the influences of artistic and design expression of every time and place. The organisation, of the Nepalese production sites in particular, means that even the most diverse demands for personalised products can be accommodated, which, along with Golran’s traditional and contemporary collections, make it an irrefutable point of reference for the antiques and contemporary markets.

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