Established in Milan in 1968, Golran's nomadic journey traces its roots to 1898 in Mashad, Persia, where Eliahu, Elia, Nathan, and Benjamin inherited a rich heritage of carpet trading and manufacturing from their great-grandfather Hajizadeh Golran, passed down through Nemat and Ruben. Since 2000, Golran's traditional and contemporary rugs have been meticulously handcrafted in Nepal, blending masterful skill, reverence for tradition, and innovative influences. Golran's collections embody the artisanal wisdom imparted by master knotters in Persia, Turkey, and India. With unwavering commitment, the company seeks to preserve ancestral skills while embracing innovation, catering to personalized demands and earning recognition as a pivotal force in antique and contemporary markets, notably in their Nepalese production sites.