Aloft Hotel



Colour was an important design consideration for local context and subtle wayfinding. Fresh blues, greens and lighter wood tones – referencing West Australian flora and landscapes –transition into darker timbers in the lobby and moodier colours in the bar area, while fresh colours re-emerge in the pool area before darkening up with bold accents in the games room. The darker timbers and warm reds in the lobby play with the loft aesthetic, while the fresh colours of the pool mimic Perth’s iconic beachside obsession.

Art is an integrated focus throughout the hotel. Lisa Reeves put on her curatorial hat to create a stand-out hotel collection that seamlessly blends with the interior design and architecture. Guests are greeted by a colourful weaving, they walk past walls of commissioned art and are intrigued by a large-scale painting that comes to life in the evening, while the work of two local artists (who share a working history) sit side-by-side in the rooms.