Carles Riart

Born in Barcelona in 1944, Carles Riart studied at the city’s EINA School of Art and Design while training in Raimundo Giné s cabinetmaking workshop. He is considered a key designer on the Spanish scene, despite preferring to call himself a "furniture maker" since he has always focused his work on furniture. From a young age he showed a keen interest in design, opening, at just nineteen years of age, a shop for household objects and an interior design studio: Gris. 

At the end of the 1970s he began to gain stature in the field of industrial design by accepting collaborations with leading national and international companies. Riart's work is characterised by his reinterpretations of traditional designs which he infuses with exquisite post-modernist emotion.

Riart consolidated his technique by overlapping craftsmanship upon the industrial. By experimenting with manual techniques, he managed to offer solutions that were a far cry from what was commonplace at the time. Unconcerned about trends and fashions, he has always designed objects focusing on their durability over time, the people who will use them and the spaces in which they will coexist.