Creativity Through Experiences

Culdesac is a creative lab, a space for collaboration in different fields of expertise. It was founded as a melting pot for professionals to dialogue and exchange knowledge. Founded in 2002, CuldeSac™ is headed-up by Alberto Martínez and Pepe García (CuldeSac™ Product & Interiors and Founders), Juan Poveda and Xavi Sempere (CuldeSac™ Branding) and Garen Moreno and Sophie von Schönburg (CuldeSac™ Experience and CuldeSac™ Press Experience). 

Despite the fact that its founding members (Pepe and Alberto) studied at the Royal College of Art in London, the studio decided to settle in Valencia. The city’s relaxed atmosphere inspires interdisciplinary work on spaces, product, branding, events, communication and PR. Its projects have received international recognition along with various awards such as the Interior Design Award 2009, the Red Dot Design, Compasso d’Oro, and the Architectural Digest award for Designers of the Year. CuldeSac™ is, today, one of the most prolific studios within the Spanish creative scene. Their key to success is not a personal style but a way of life and understanding creativity through experiences and the cooperation of people and ideas.

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