Ennio Arosio

Ennio Arosio has been dealing with furnishings (and not only) since the Seventies, moving in two directions: study and personal experience, that is to say: theory and practice.

He has contributed to home and international exhibitions, thus getting acquainted with the trends which change and develop from time to time.

His projects spring from here and they are created to meet today’s current furnishing comfort requirements. His design crosses geographical and cultural borders allowing him, for instance, to conjugate western pragmatism and eastern sensibility. Neat drawings, care in the details and use of real materials are peculiar to his concepts.

Thanks to his direct experience, Ennio Arosio is a consultant to several furnishing firms, offering a service which goes from research and development to market strategies, from the definition of products to exhibition fittings and layout up to the communication with the public.