Gregotti, Meneghetti & Stoppino

Key Reference Figures

Vittorio Gregotti (Novara, 1927), Lodovico Meneghetti (Novara, 1926) and Giotto Stoppino (Vigevano 1926 – Padua, 2011) worked together between 1953 and 1969 under the name of Architetti Associati, very quickly becoming key reference figures in the contemporary debate.

Their work encompassed a range of areas, from architecture to furniture and design and they created important partnerships with SIM and Arteluce. They were initially associated with the much-discussed Neoliberty movement but, in reality, their work was largely a rejection of the final echoes of the so-called International Style. Their architectural designs of this period include, in 1956, the residence for workers of the Bossi plant in Cameri-Novara. 

Their presence at the major shows of the period was always noteworthy: in 1954, at the X Triennale di Milano, they designed the furnishings for an "INA-casa home" and this was followed in 1960, for the XII Triennale, by a "rural home". In 1958 they took part in the “I Biennale of Furnishing Standards” in Mariano Comense.  In 1960 they played a lead role at the major "New designs for Italian furniture" exhibition at the “L’Osservatore delle Arti Industriali” gallery in Milan. 

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