Javier Ferrándiz

The Thrill of Inventing

Ferrándiz graduated in architecture from the ETSAB (School of Architecture of Barcelona.) In 1998, he became a professor at the Projects Chair Department. He also works as a consultant architect of the UPC on urban development for the city of l'Hospitalet (Barcelona).

Some of his architectural projects are: the partial building of the area of Roc-Blanc in Terrassa, consisting of 1200 apartments (1988); the Alcanar high school (1992); the improvement of a kindergarten in Barcelona (nominated to the FAD awards in 1992); the La Farga shopping center in l'Hospitalet (1996); the Youth Hostel in Empúries (Girona, 2000); a sports center in Ordal (Barcelona, 2001); the Primary health care center in Ribes de Fresser (Girona, 2001); and the project for the Centro de Residuos of Aena at the Barcelona airport (2002).


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