Jörg Schellman

The pieces of Jörg Schellmann, born 1944, are influenced by the principles of industrial and commercial objects rather than by interior design. Functionality is not only the aim, but a precondition of his designs. 

The result are pieces of high practical value, radical simplicity and austere beauty. References to Minimal and Conceptual Art are based upon Schellmann’s vast experience as an art publisher (Schellmann Art) in Munich and New York. In this capacity, he has produced limited editions of prints, objects and furniture pieces by international artists including Joseph Beuys, Daniel Buren, Liam Gillick, Donald Judd, Sol LeWitt, Gerhard Merz and Andy Warhol. Jörg Schellmann has been designing his own furniture pieces since 2006. He lives and works in Munich.