Satyendra Pakhalé

Satyendra Pakhalé


Pakhalé has lectured throughout the world on platforms such as CeBIT Germany, Casa Brasil and Future Design Days Sweden. The Eindhoven Design Academy in the Netherlands invited him to devise and head the Master Programme in Design for Humanity and Sustainable Living from 2006 to 2010. Several solo-exhibitions are devoted to his works: 'OriginS' at Gallery Ammann (2008) by Gabrielle Ammann / 'Design by Heart' at Otto Gallery Bologna (2003) by Paola Antonelli, curator Museum of Modern Art New York / 'From Project to Products' at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (2002) by Ingeborg de Roode, curator Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

His designs emanate from cultural dialogue, synthesising new applications of materials and technologies. His ongoing curiosity for materials, technology and a plural cultural expression has lead to limited edition pieces represented by Gabrielle Ammann Gallery, Cologne, Germany. Pakhalé’s works are in permanent collections at prestigious museums throughout the world.

Satyendra Pakhalé considers the design profession an expression of true human optimism. He is motivated by social, technological, ecological, industrial and above all cultural parameters, as much as by a purely creative vision. His prime interest is the design of mass-producible challenging products and public architecture.

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