Antoni Roselló

Multitude of Fields

Antoni Roselló's singularity resides in his ability to embrace various areas of creation, that is sculptures, architecture, industrial design, and even monuments. He studied at the Escuela de Aparejadores of Barcelona and at the Escuela de Bellas Artes. Simultaneously, he worked in architect Manuel Baldrich's studio, in the Taller de Arquitectura, and between 1971-1973 at the architecture Miró-Rodergas-Rousseau-Tineo studio. These first years also helped him to think on the subjects that have always interested him, and reflect in his drawings, paintings and sculptures. 

In the mid 80s, Roselló became interested in industrial design, the activity that has made him professionally successful. His first projects were the well-known telephone booth for the ONCE, and a ticket office for the Barcelona Fair. Only to mention some of his projects, Roselló has designed later on: the Claudia table (special mention at the Feria del Mueble of Valencia); the Georgina fountain for Barcelona's city council; an information desk for the Patronat de Turisme of Barcelona; the Laika, Elvis and Pausanias kiosks; the Olímpica playground (Delta de Plata ADI FAD 1992) and the Mowgli climbing frame (selected for an exhibition on Spanish design in Berlin, "Pasión diseño español", and nominated by the AEPD); the famous Barcelona ice cream chart for the Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Helados; the Mobile Bar Unit that was awarded a Delta de Plata ADI FAD 1993; among many others.


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