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Chado Rug

designed by Designcorporate
for Poltrona Frau

The Chado line tells of processing techniques that have always belonged to the culture of the rug.

Delicate bamboo silk threads and thick linen thread worked following the ancient knotting procedure create rugs of a three-dimensional value. Indeed, in nomadic civilisations, rugs defined living spaces and needed a certain thickness to isolate from the ground, like a sort of textile insulation.In the Chado rugs, the minuscule knots are then cut one by one following a working called cut. 

This gives a velvety, constantly changing surface effect where the shininess of the silk offsets the opacity of the linen, which also helps add fullness to the texture. Designcorporate intertwines the textured charm of the knotting with the visual theme evoked by the name “Chado”, tea ceremony in Japanese.

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The Chado line tells of processing techniques that have always belonged to the culture of the rug.


3000 W x 2000 L (mm)
3500 W x 2500 L (mm)

Lead Time

12 - 14 Weeks


Carpet entirely hand-woven and knotted on wooden looms, 40% Linen, 60% Bamboo Silk.


About the Designer

Simona Cremascoli and Roberto Cerri. A duo inspired by culture and place, committed to excellence. Exclusive distribution of selected brands. Management and development of the online and offline retail environment. Research and assistance for architects studios, interior designers and project managers.

Poltrona Frau

About the Brand

Poltrona Frau is an Italian company that was founded in 1912 by Renzo Frau. It boasts an extensive collection with and is a hallmark of the great international masters of design and architecture.

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