Attadale Residence


Alana John


Azure Homes


Jody Darcy


Attadale, Australia



Located on the Swan River, this stunning architectural gem by Alana John Design features an excellent and intelligent use of space and minimal and clean architectural lines.

An unassuming yet expansive use of glass windows with sharp contrasting black reveals all of which help encapsulate the ever changing river views and the home’s natural environment. 

Built to outstanding quality by Azure Luxury Homes, the soaring ceilings and thoughtful positioning of the rooms allows the grand windows in the home to invite the natural sunlight from multiple angles. Each room Its flooded with an abundance of light creating living spaces that are perfect for basking in a warm glow – of sun and design –all year round. 

The home’s sharp architectural lines are offset against gentle, warm and textural furniture design pieces from some of the world’s greatest design firms such as Poltrona Frau, Moroso, Kettal, Glas Italia, Golran and CC Tapis. 

Director of Mobilia, Salvatore Fazzari describes the project;
“ It is always a pleasure working on one of Alana’s homes as her architecture is so sophisticatedly modern yet at the same time so beautifully and classically timeless, that adoring these spaces with our furniture is a dream. Nicole from Alana John’s office also has impeccable taste in furniture so the collaboration between ourselves, Alana John Design and a tasteful client we managed to achieve a perfectly balanced and well furnished home”.

This project is the epitome of a perfect synergy between architect, designer and furniture supplier, with the end result being a warm family home with design classics that will transcend time.