Cambo CM104 Pendant

Cambo CM104 Pendant

DESIGNED BY Arturo Álvarez
FOR Arturo Álvarez

Cambo is the new design pendant lamp resulting from the collaboration with the cenlitrosmetrocadrado studio. The word Cambo (of Galician origin) refers to a wooden piece with a hook at one end, a handcrafted element present in the Galician tradition.


With nature and our environment as inspiration, cenlitrosmetrocadrado has designed the Cambo system based on the natural growth of plants, the branching and bifurcation of trees. Ricardo Tubío and Xabier Rilo’s vision of the natural environment has given rise to a modular system that allows different designs to be configured with the same elements. Cambo is made of a beech wood structure with a water-based varnish that allows the material to be shown in its most natural form. With this peculiar structure, the painted stainless steel mesh is introduced into the lampshade which houses the integrated LED light source.



260 W x 260 D x 450 H (mm)

1500 Max Drop


Painted stainless steel mesh and beech wood.


16 - 20 Weeks