Isol Suspension 30/76

Isol Suspension 30/76

DESIGNED BY David Thulstrup
FOR Astep

Part sculpture and part light source, Isol can be used in a variety of combinations and in private and public environments as an aesthetic way of bringing acoustic properties into a space. Alone, it convinces through quiet authority offering a sense of privacy. In multiples, its distinctive character is enhanced by connecting the rings to extend lighting and noise-absorbing power. A seamless flow of colour and texture is created, while embracing the die-cast aluminium rings. Its internal details are not directly visible from the outside which allows the lamp to melt into the scenery turning it into a performing and life enhancing piece of design.


Produced in Italy, the lamp is the result of high-precision work and technological advancement. The patented Snowsound Fiber textile lends the lamp outstanding sound-absorbing qualities and acoustic performance. The fabric is further completely recyclable while carrying a Greenguard Gold certification for being a low emitting product that contributes to improve indoor air quality.



300 D x 760 H (mm)


Aluminium Structure, Acoustic Absorbent Fabric Diffuser with Snowsound® Technology


18 - 22 Weeks