Leda Sculpture Armchair

Leda Sculpture Armchair

DESIGNED BY Salvador Dalí
FOR BD Barcelona

Bringing Salvador Dalí’s surrealist imaginings to life, the design replicates a chair from his 1935 painting “Femme à la Tête Rose” (woman with a head of roses).

It was sufficient for this sculpture to be made as a three-dimensional piece, remaining faithful to every detail in Dalí’s painting. Dalí affirmed: “A chair can even be used for sitting on, but with just one condition: that we sit uncomfortably”. 

You can sit on the Leda, but due to the fact that it only has three legs and that the chair is heavy, it being made of solid brass, is more a work of art than a functional piece of furniture.


This striking chair adopts a configuration influenced by the limbs of the human form, with an elongated and coiled arm and hand making up the backrest and heeled feet on slender legs.



470 x 600 x 920 H (mm)


Structure in polished cast brass finish.


16 - 20 Weeks