Panoplie System - Terrazzo

Panoplie System - Terrazzo

DESIGNED BY Patricia Urquiola
FOR CC-tapis

cc-tapis PROJECT, the contract department of cc-tapis which specializes in custom and certified flooring solutions for projects such as hotels and boutiques, presents its first System of patterns and textures designed by an external designer: Panoplie by Patricia Urquiola.‎

A new vocabulary of motifs going from micro-textures to macro and decorative patterns which can work together in any space. ‎By mixing vibrant colors and neutral tones with different finishings, Patricia Urquiola developed 12 textures available in 4 color combinations each, creating a System of 48 different samples responding to any kind of demand.‎

A new expression of cc-tapis PROJECT which offers a custom service to professionals who can play with Panoplie’s extensive range of finishings and textures, bringing an eclectic textile landscape of varying, but aesthetically coherent rugs into any kind of space and project, from residences to boutiques and retail, hospitality, office spaces, yacht and boating and installations.‎

Starting from $1,323 inc. GST


A certified flooring solutions for projects such as hotels and boutiques, residential homes and anything in-between.

Drawing on the know-how, creativity and experience of cc-tapis PROJECT, Panoplie combines wool and Econyl, an innovative yarn made of nylon which is regenerated from nylon waste, to produce certified hand-tufted rugs meticulously made with irregular textures and effects.‎



Custom sizing and various applications.


Hand tufted wool and ECONYL® yarn, available in various colours.


8 - 12 Weeks