André Ricard

Born in Barcelona in 1929, André Ricard has designed objects present in our day-to-day lives, turning them into symbols of Western culture.

Ricard studied at the Academy of Warnia Zaraszescka, a Polish artist who taught him in the famous Bauhaus tradition. Inspired by what he learned from Zaraszescka, in 1963 he began a fruitful collaboration with Puig fragrances, designing the packaging for their perfumes. Making original designs for the renown Spanish perfume company led to his recognition in the world of design. Accordingly, in 1992, he was offered the opportunity to design the torch for the Olympic Games in Barcelona, which became one of the highlights of his career.

Most of Ricard's designs are characterised by the use of natural materials that require special treatment through artisanal techniques. Ricard is a strong advocate of manual intervention in the production process of his designs. Craftsmanship, in the designer's eyes, is a way of maintaining traditions, the authenticity of things and, above all, it makes objects stand out.