Borja García

Borja García


Born in Valencia in 1980, Borja Garcia studied IT in Industrial Design at the Cardenal Herrera-CEU University and worked with several local design studios. In 2001, he moved to Milan, where he completed his training at the Design Continuum Italia studio.

In 2002 he founded the Nazca studio with Joaquín García and Esther Tornero to develop industrial design projects. He took part in the premiere NUDE Show and other exhibitions in Valencia and Barcelona. Two years later the three designers part company after launching various products onto the market and receiving several national and international awards.

Now he decides to continue his solo career by founding the brand Estudio Borja García. He undertakes industrial design and communication projects, winning various national awards and taking part in exhibitions in Tokyo, Milan, St-Etienne, Shanghai, Beijing, Sao Paulo, Fortaleza, Athens, Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

In parallel, he studies architecture at his alma mater and in 2005 gets together with Jorge Cortés and Sergio Gª-Gasco to found the studio Enproyecto Arquitectura. The track record of this studio includes the development of various ephemeral architectural projects for companies such as Puntmobles, Canal +, Vondom, and Aidima, as well as participations in several Casadecor Valencia events. His other works were for small-scale residential architectural projects and commercial premises.

In 2011 he broke away from Enproyecto Arquitectura to fuse together both disciplines – industrial design and architecture – in one single brand, offering professional services in both areas of design.

In addition, his teaching career began in 2006 at the Universidad Cardenal Herrera CEU, where he is now projects professor in Industrial Design and Architecture.

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