Dimore Studio

Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran pooled the skills acquired in their careers and work in design, the arts and fashion and in 2003 they founded DIMORESTUDIO.

From that moment on, each project has been conceived and developed in a personal, recognisable way. Objects by Masters of Design co-exist with salvaged items and others custom-designed to create a specific atmosphere.

A timeless visual and emotive course. Research so rich in details as to make every sign, every idea, every suggestion, innovation and reference, simple and, ipso facto, sophisticated.

A language formed by an emotive chemistry of errors, reutilisations, inventions, enhancements of prints, lights, lacquering and oxidations. A censureless aesthetic wherein each selected element has an expressive energy and citizenship because it is a feature of a whole. DIMORESTUDIO interprets memories and makes dreams reality. DIMORESTUDIO works in the fields of design and the arts, architecture and fashion.