Draga & Aurel

Drawing on a shared artistic background and a professional journey spanning the realms of fashion, music, and craftsmanship, Draga Obradovic and Aurel K. Basedow are the founders of the multidisciplinary studio and atelier bearing their names, active in Como since 2007.

Art and design in Draga & Aurel follow two parallel and complementary paths, in a continuous dialogue that strengthens and sometimes overturns their meanings. Considered pioneers of upcycling in the design sector, Draga & Aurel are now among the most appreciated names in the collectible field, and their handmade pieces are exhibited and distributed by some of the most prestigious international galleries. Design production is complemented by Aurel K. Basedow's artistic production: powerful, evocative, and poetic works. The same artistic approach to materials is applied in the design of furniture pieces designed for some of the most important and visionary Made in Italy design companies. Draga & Aurel love fashion, vintage taste, and embracing lines. Passions that are fully expressed in their first project for Poltrona Frau, Parka, a modular seating system that pays homage to a great 1990s Streetwear classic, which the grunge culture in America and the paninaro culture in Italy turned into the symbol of a generation. Like the iconic coat, Parka is a sofa as bold as it is welcoming, as understated as it is refined, extremely versatile: a passe-partout that adapts to every look and environments with strong personalities.

Draga & Aurel are among the most influential names in design according to Architectural Digest and have been selected for the third consecutive year in the AD100 review. Their projects have been included in the ADI Design Index and have received the prestigious wallpaper*design award.