Enric Sòria & Jordi Garcés

Born in 1937, Enric Sòria graduated at Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB) in 1970. While studying, he worked at the studio of Oriol Bohigas, where he met Jordi Garcés with whom he collaborated until 1996. Together, they laid the groundwork of rationalism, advocating the geometry of architecture and the functionalities of its composition. Notable among their first projects are museum designs, including the conversion of the old Santa Lucía asylum into the CosmoCaixa science museum (1978-1980) and the design of the Picasso Museum (1981-1987). Later, they were involved in cultural and sports projects such as that of Vall d’Hebrón (1990-1991) for which they were awarded the FAD Architecture Prize in 1991. The partnership also designed the IMAX cinemas (1993-1994) and the Agora Rubió i Balaguer on the Ciutadella campus of Pompeu Fabra University in 1994, winning the City of Barcelona Award for Architecture and Urban Planning in 1996.