Carlo Santi and Vittorio Borachia, who make up the architectural duo Santi Borachia, met while they were both students at the Polytechnic School in Milan during the 1940s and found common ground for exploring the world of architecture and design. 

Among other collaborations, the duo was involved in the lighting company Arteluce, which at the time attracted the most talented architects and designers due to the visionary and experimental approach of its founder, Gino Sarfatti. Later, Carlo Santi’s and Vittorio Borachia’s spheres of interest moved on to urban planning, but from time to time they continued the exploration of lighting and furniture design, both as a duo and under their own names.

Carlo Santi and Vittorio Borachia were guided by the logical and formal principles of the most recent industrial techniques and materials and aimed for an essential elegance in their design, whether in plastic, wood or glass.