The W Light

The W Light

FOR Marset

This decorative light, with an extremely graphic profile that’s easy to outline, takes its inspiration from an old-fashioned winding machine: used to wind thread or wire around an axis and form a ball. Designers Pedro Ochando and Claudia Pérez have no interest in the machine’s function, rather in its shape, which enables vertical movement with a horizontal effect.

A light, sober and functional design with great presence that can change shape, opening to extend the light up to a diameter of 2 metres for large spaces, or folding up to 1.2 metres in diameter to focus on a smaller area. The designers say that standing under the open lamp feels like being below a dome of light. The key feature is that, whatever its size, it always provides exceptional ambient lighting.


The W is above all a versatile design: fourteen spotlights joined by a black metal structure that can be folded or extended to provide uniform lighting to any space.

The bulbs have a gold, ivory or terracotta coloured ring inside them; each finish influences the lighting, providing different chromatic reflections.



1200 DIA - 2000 DIA x 300 - 740 H (mm)


Structure made of aluminium with 14 spot- lights. Diffusers in aluminium and polycarbo-nate.


18 - 22 Weeks