Cc tapis landscape nepal

cc-tapis produces hand-knotted rugs which are made in Nepal by Tibetan artisans. Photograph of the Nepalese landscape courtesy of cc-tapis.

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Daniele Lora's home featuring cc-tapis' Super Fake rug by Bethan Laura Wood. Photo: Beppe Brancato/Living Inside.

1561446300849 pizzeria geppo milano 3

Pizzeria da Geppo in Milan. Photos by Tania Bornacin for Munchies Italia.

"I’m based in Milan, Italy, a crossing point for whomever works with creativity. A city that spurs imagination, as well as a genuine exchange of ideas and influences."

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"Bliss" rug by Mae Engelgeer for cc-tapis' Undyed mood collection. Photographed in Copenhagen by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen with styling by Pernille Vest.