Cc tapis Les Arcs Collection by Charlotte Perriand Photo by Carlotta Gargini 01

Les Arcs collection at Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire. Photo by Carlotta Gargini.

Mobilia cc tapis Brun Abeille 1972 230x300 Les Arcs Collection by Charlotte Perriand ambient 1

An original drawing by Charlotte Perriand, one of six which have remained unseen in the Charlotte Perriand archives for over 50 years.

The colour combinations were interpreted by Perriand at times from her long-term collaborator Le Corbusier’s Salubra paint colour cards or lifted from her palette of French and Japanese crayons and oil pastels.

Mobilia les arcs stories

Charlotte Perriand's La Cascade, a group of tilting apartments at Les Arcs 1600 ski resort. Photograph: ©AChP.