Mobilia cassina Salon d Automne 1929 Charlotte Perriand on LC4 Chaise longue a reglage continu Le Corbusier Jeanneret Perriandc A Ch P

Salon d’Automne 1929, Charlotte Perriand on LC4 Chaise longue à reglage continu, Le Corbusier, Jeanneret, Perriand © Archives Charlotte Perriand.

Mobilia the legacy of women in design Bauhaus archive

Life at the Bauhaus: Group portrait of the weavers behind their loom in the weaving workshop, Bauhaus Dessau, 1928. Supplied: Vitra Design Museum. © Bauhaus-Archiv, Berlin.

CASSINA Refuge Tonneau Charlotte Perriand Pierre Jeanneret phc Stefano De Monte

Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret's Refuge Tonneau at Cassina's historic headquarters. Designed in 1938, the Refuge was intended as a space for reflection. Cassina replicated the original design in 2012 based on numerous drawings; it is the only authentic reproduction in existence.

"In recent decades, many prolific and influential women have been rediscovered, their working biographies painstakingly reconstructed, their archives preserved, and their stories told..."

Mobilia cassina tokyo chaise longue

Tokyo Chaise Longue designed by Charlotte Perriand (1940) - Cassina. Demonstrating exceptional wood working mastery, the Tokyo Chaise Longue is an organic and inviting armchair. Available in teak and bamboo, the recliner is composed of 12 curved strips of wood.