Chamfer Modular Sofa

Chamfer Modular Sofa

DESIGNED BY Patricia Urquiola
FOR Moroso

Diagonal movement. An intuition born from carpentry terminology becomes the distinctive feature of a modular system, which is new in terms of formal construction and innovative in terms of compositional flexibility. Even though the literal interpretation of the term chamfer refers to a smooth angle created with a 45° cut through a right angle, within this sofa it expresses a twofold widening of aesthetical and functional perspective. 

On the outside, the chamfer softens the shape and acts as a guide, its size conferring both a spatial and an architectural value. On the inside the angle encloses and supports, favouring a versatile seating style that adapts perfectly to a residential environment as well as to public areas. 

The term “chamfer” refers to the sloping edge architectural detail. This is the origin of the sofa shape, which characterizes all of the system’s seating elements. Versatile, flexible, and refined, these sofas welcome us in a big elegant embrace.


Versatile, flexible, and refined, these sofas welcome us in a big elegant embrace.



Various sizes and configurations available.


Stress-resistant polyurethane foam and injected flameretardant polyurethane foam in varied densities and polyester fibre on wood frame. Feet are black polypropylene screwed to the structure. 


16 - 20 Weeks