Pillow Cinema Chair - Modular

Pillow Cinema Chair - Modular

DESIGNED BY Poltrona Frau Style & Design Center
FOR Poltrona Frau

The Pillow Cinema armchair is designed to offer a superior home cinema experience. It is reclining, thanks to three independent mechanisms, and allows optimal adjustment of the backrest, footrest and headrest. The Pillow Cinema armchair can be used alone or in combination with numerous compositions, starting with the Loveseat version.

The push-button control housed in the inner side allows effortless operation of the various controls, while pressing the home key causes the simultaneous retraction of all elements back to their original position. The armchair can also be fitted with accessories including a cooling/heating drink holder with wireless recharging, an armrest light with USB-A charging station, and a leather armrest top that becomes a handy service table for small items.


An authentic haven of relaxation and wellbeing. The Pillow armchair designed by Poltrona Frau Style & Design Centre is the most complete aesthetic and functional expression of the reclinable seat. It is completely covered to guarantee total comfort. The headrest, backrest and footrest are adjustable to guarantee maximum ergonomic comfort.



Various configurations available, please refer to product PDF.


The covering is available in Pelle Frau® leather or fabric. 


16 - 20 Weeks