Duo Dusk Blue Rug

Duo Dusk Blue Rug

DESIGNED BY Roberto Lazzeroni
FOR Poltrona Frau

The Duo rug is hand-knotted using the Indo-Tibetan knot, with a density of 90000 knots per square metre. The pattern is made by repeating a matrix of squares and rectangles interrupted by silk thread lines of different colours. 

Poltrona Frau and Ceccotti Collezioni co-sign the Duo Collection, expressing their synergy in a shared design vision. Inspired by the Italian-style Dolce Vita, the products in the collection include luxury upholstered furniture with rounded shapes and exquisite wooden furniture for the living room. All designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, the objects encapsulate the savoir-faire of the two Made in Italy companies in the name of romanticism and timeless charm. The objects, with their retro flair, speak of the past and the present, of memory and of innovation.


The rug is made of 80% wool and 20% silk and is available in two different colourways. It is available in two sizes; it is also possible to have it custom-sized upon request. Custom sizes, up to a maximum of 600x800 cm, on request. The Poltrona Frau® logo and composition label are applied to the lower face of the rug.



3000 x 2000 (mm)
3500 x 2500 (mm) 


Hand-knotted using the Indo-Tibetan knot, with 90000 knots per square metre. 80% wool, 20% silk.


18 - 22 Weeks