Eitie Lighting System

Eitie Lighting System

DESIGNED BY Tobia Scarpa
FOR Cassina

A wall installation designed by Tobia Scarpa that takes shape as a seemingly simple structure with sophisticated, innovative technology.

The Eitie concept elaborates upon the idea of a luminous line that, thanks to unique circular connectors, is expressed in various configurations. Starting with the original work, on the walls of the Benetton Foundation Research Centre, Cassina has revisited the distinctive wall-mounted lighting system to produce a pendant light, a table lamp and a floor lamp that form a visually exciting collection.


Each element is composed of two or three luminous lines that can be joined to form various compositions, thanks to circular black metal connectors, embellished with silver details, that contain cutting-edge technology hidden in their interior. The joints of the table and floor lamps can be opened 30 degrees, to the right or left, to create different visual effects, while the triangular wall-mounted version is stationary. Each luminous line can be rotated 360 degrees to adjust its position and the brightness of the light.



Suspension Line: 1300/1700 x 75 x 64 (mm)
Horizontal and vertical suspension triangle: 1300/1700 x 104 H (mm)
Table base: 180 x 180 x 1290 H-max (mm)
Floor base: 240 x 240 x 2050 H-max (mm)


Serena stone; aluminium; brass, PA66, PC.


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