So Much Fun - Plein Cadre Hexagone Rug - Vert Pop

So Much Fun - Plein Cadre Hexagone Rug - Vert Pop

DESIGNED BY Claude Cartier Studio
FOR CC-tapis

So Much Fun is a collection of rugs where black and white geometric elements define joyful and colourful patterns. Three different designs are customisable in multiple variations in terms of size, colours, and textures. The collection also offers different production techniques from hand-knotted to hand-woven.

Claude Cartier designed the So Much Fun collection for her personal home in Lyon, after a decade of collaboration with CC-Tapis. 

Starting from $12,819 inc. GST


After a decade of collaboration with Claude Cartier, CC-Tapis is happy to include the So Much Fun collection in its portfolio. The collection transforms Claude’s dreams into reality, evoking her sensibility for craftsmanship in three different designs which combine graphic, joyful and colourful patterns, punctuated by geometric stripes, like musical notes.



2300 L x 3000 W (mm)

*Custom sizing available.


Cotton weave and himalayan wool pile.


16 Weeks